İcans Furniture

In the furniture sector, we are based on the past. Since 1966 we have been serving in many branches of furniture. Customer satisfaction was the basis for us that day. It is essential that the materials, paint and other supplementary materials used in Baby & Teen furniture can be used in terms of health, hygiene and safety. Then comes design and aesthetics. It is necessary to reduce the smell of lacquer, which makes people quite uncomfortable, to a minimum level. The paint brand we use is exactly this way. Thus, we stand behind the products with peace of mind. We also use organic (water based) paint with the specific request of some of our customers. Since we are trying to address everyone, we need to consider not to force the cost and purchasing power, and we continue our work by considering these factors.

The importance of formaldehyde ratios of wood and complementary products we use is in accordance with European standards. Other important elements that should not be avoided carefully are; drawer, rail and shock absorber systems are safe and resolving systems. The corner finishes in the infant and child rooms are not very preferred. For children's safety, we also reflect these details in our designs.

Using today's technology, we believe that we can have fun for children, dive in comfort, study rooms, design with special designs for personalizing them. Especially for Istanbul, we are trying to evaluate every square meter of the rooms with small space analysis and increasing of the decreasing square meters and functions. We produce handy and aesthetic furniture for both families and children.

From seasonal designs we are making a special room project by mixing the wishes, dreams and pleasures of a lot of people. I would like to say that we have benefited from many disciplines of visual arts. We find it more appropriate to intervene in the room with decorations for longer use of their furniture. Wall paintings, lighting elements, fabrics and patterns in different styles, (including furniture), carpets, curtains, wall paper, specially designed decorative products such as portable wall panels and hidden lighting.